Interviews of PTI VA/USA Leaders Johnny Bashir, Imran Butt and Ali Imtiaz Malik to Media TV – News-Views-Videos Press – USA


(ADEEB MEDIA) – Video interviews of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI USA and Virginia) leaders Ali Imtiaz Malik (PTI USA Chief Organizer), Johnny Bashir (PTI Virginia Chapter President & PTI VA Organizer) and Imran Butt (PTI Virginia Chapter President) to Press Media TV, recorded on 07 December and 10 December 2018, at a Pakistani-American restaurant in Brookfield Plaza, Springfield, Virginia, USA.

Interview of Junaid (Johnny) Bashir with Media TV

Interviews of Ali Imtiaz Malik and Imran Butt with Media TV

Media TV Photos:

Johnny Bashir and Fakhr-e-Alam
Ali Imtiaz Malik, Imran Butt, Kashif Sohail and PTI VA-MD-WDC Activists

Photos of PTI VA Fundraiser with PTI Senator Faisal Javed Khan

Pictures of PTI VA Event with Pakistani Artist Fakhr-e-Alam

Syed Adeeb and Kashif Sohail are 2 noted Pakistani-American journalists based in Virginia and Maryland, USA.

© Copyright – Publisher: ADEEB MEDIA – Virginia, USA

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