Can PM Imran Khan implement all the PTI reforms in Pakistan? – Washington DC, USA

CAPITOL VOICE – Weekly Web video television program of the Next TV:

– Next TV Panelists: Journalist SYED ADEEB and Journalist ASAD HASSAN

– Next TV Anchor/Host: Analyst ASAD CHAUDHRY

– Next TV Producer-Director: Journalist UMAR JOHN


– Next TV Urdu Video Program’s Key Question or Subject: Can Prime Minister Imran Khan implement all the PTI promised reforms under the failed/bankrupt government system of Pakistan through many corrupt, incompetent, or warring Ministers, MNAs, MPAs and Senators of various political gangs?

Adeeb Media Editor’s Note: This Capital Voice video show was produced on Wednesday, 08 August 2018 by the NEXT TV, a daily Web television channel managed by the Hummingbird Film Studios based in Washington DC, USA.

© Copyright – Publisher: ADEEB MEDIA – USA

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