Adeeb Media Special Report About PAC Conference

Adeeb Media Special Report About Pakistani American Congress (PAC) 10 May Conference at Capitol Hill


( – Pakistani American Congress (PAC) held its 27th annual conference on US-Pakistan relations, Kashmir, India and Afghanistan on Thursday, 10 May 2018, from 10 am to 5 pm, in the Gold Room at the Rayburn House Office Building, Capitol Hill, Washington DC, USA.

The following speakers addressed the PAC Conference: PAC President Asad Chaudhry (real estate broker), PAC Chairman Rana M. Taj (attorney-at-law), US Congressman Donald Norcross (D-NJ), US Congressman Thomas Suozzi (D-NY), US Congressman Mike Coffman (R-CO), US Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX), US State Department’s Pakistan Desk Deputy Director Courtney Dunn, The Washington Times Chairman Thomas P. McDevitt, Middle East Institute Director for Pakistan Studies Prof. Marvin G. Weinbaum, Pakistan’s Ambassador to the USA Aizaz Ahmad Chaudhry, AJK President Masood Khan, Khalistan Affairs Center (KAC) Director Dr. Amarjit Singh, USCIRF Commissioner Jesuit Fr. Thomas J. Reese, World Minorities Alliance Director Julius Salik, The Commongrounds Director Dr. Zulfiqar Ali Kazmi, GCB Services Vice President N. Shoaib Yahya, and others. World Kashmir Awareness Forum (WKAF) General Secretary Dr. Ghulam Nabi Fai also attended the PAC seminar.

In these 2 Washington Show videos about the PAC program, produced at the Asim TV Studio by Journalist Asim Siddiqui, listen to the enlightening comments of PAC President Asad Chaudhry, PAC Chairman Rana Taj, PAC General Secretary Aqil Khan and some other PAC speakers:


PAC Vice President Maqbool Malik said: “PAC Members are highly pleased to thank the President of AJK, Mr. Masood Khan, for traveling all the way from Azad Kashmir to speak at the PAC event in Washington DC. We sincerely appreciate the participation of all guest speakers, members of media and distinguished members of Pakistani American Community in the PAC Conference.”

Asad Chaudhry and Rana Taj awarded the PAC Certificates of Excellence to journalists, scholars, artists and community activists for recognition of their “meritorious, devoted and selfless community services.” The PAC certificates were handed over to all recipients by AJK President Masood Khan and Pakistani Ambassador Aizaz Chaudhry.

PAC Leaders

PAC Leaders – Gold Room, Rayburn House Bldg., WDC. 10 May 2018


Photos of PAC Conference – May 2018 – Photographer: Asim Siddiqui

Pictures of PAC Seminar – May 2018 – Photographer: Umar John

PAC SEMINAR VIDEOS – May 2018 – Videographer: Umar John


Here is the speech of PAC President Asad Chaudhry which he delivered at the PAC forum:

Good Morning, Ladies and Gentlemen:

On behalf of the Pakistani American Congress (PAC), I would like to welcome all of you. I want to especially thank President of Azad Kashmir Mr. Sardar Masood Khan, who left his business and came all the way to attend our event.

Similarly, I want to thank Dr. Marvin Weinbaum, Ms. Courtney Dunn, Rev. Tom Reese and Mr. Waris Hussain for joining us today.

A little more, I also want to thank all the media persons, who are here, and all those other reporters who will join us later.

I am honored to thank my whole team of Pakistani American Congress who worked tirelessly for this PAC Conference.

I can see big names sitting here and without saying anybody’s name, I want to extend my gratitude to all our wonderful audience for participating in today’s PAC event.

Ladies and Gentlemen, as you know that US-Pakistan relations are not very applaudable today, but we are here to learn from the experts that how both countries could have extraordinary relations between each other and how we could restore the love, trust and friendship in the US-Pakistan relationship, which we had during 1950 to 2016.

In the end, I want to mention a couple of things. Pakistani American Congress has been encouraging Pakistani-American community, especially our young generation, to come forward and play their vital role in the American society by taking part in local American politics, sports and many other positive activities, which can promote, engage and mobilize our community, and ensure its constitutional rights with good results.

I thank you all again and convey my best wishes for all. Long live the US-Pakistan Friendship. Long live Pakistan and long live the United States of America (USA). Thank you.

As PAC President (2017-2019), Asad Chaudhry’s goals are “to create new statewide chapters or wings of PAC, to engage younger generation in PAC and mobilize them in different segments of American society, create awareness among Pakistani-Americans to take part in American politics, and work for a better relationship between the United States and Pakistan through education and understanding.”


“Pakistani American Congress (PAC) is an umbrella entity of Pakistani-American associations of North America. It was established in 1990 as a non-profit, non-partisan and non-religious premier community organization. It promotes goodwill between the peoples of the United States and Pakistan. It serves as a catalyst of social, educational and political activities for mutual interests and common causes. It defends the constitutional rights & civil liberties of Pakistani-Americans residing in the USA.”

PAC Executive Committee 7 members are: Mr. Asad Chaudhry (President), Mr. Aqil Khan (General Secretary), Mr. Maqbool A. Malik (Vice President), Mr. Anwar Khan (Vice President), Mr. Sameer Sarfraz (Information Secretary), Mr. A. J. Khan (Financial Secretary), and Mr. M. Yunus Choudhry (President Elect).

PAC Board of Trustees 7 members are: Mr. Rana M. Taj (Chairman), Dr. Khawaja M. Ashraf (Secretary), Dr. Mohammad Akram, Dr. M. Ashraf Toor, MD, Mr. Mahmood Chaudhary, Dr. Zia Ur Rehman Khan, MD, and Mr. Fazlul Haq Syed.

Adeeb Media Images of PAC 2009 Program

News-Info About PAC 2012 Event

PAC Website

[Mr. Syed Adeeb – is America’s international journalist, Chief Editor of the Information Media Group – ( – – – Director of the Human Rights Justice Forum (HRJF) – and Coordinator of the Journalists Scholars Forum (JSF) – based in Virginia, USA. – Thursday, 10 May 2018]

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