PEMRA Bans 3 Urdu TV Shows of VOA, BBC, DW on Aaj TV and Express TV in Pakistan

PEMRA Bans 3 Urdu TV Shows of VOA, BBC, DW on Aaj TV and Express TV in Pakistan

Pakistan Government, Army, or Advocates could file a High Treason petition/case in Pakistan’s courts of law against Pakistani Aaj TV and Pakistani Express TV for unlawfully telecasting & webcasting 3 foreign governments’ propaganda TV programs – US Govt VOA View 360 TV show, UK Govt BBC Sairbeen TV program, and Germany Govt DW Sawal TV show – in Pakistan without the permission of PEMRA.


( – Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) has banned the US Government’s Voice of America (VOA/BBG) Urdu TV show, View 360; UK Government’s British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) Urdu TV program, Sairbeen; and Germany Government’s Deutsche Welle (DW) Urdu TV show, DW Sawal, in Pakistan because these 3 TV programs were illegally, daily telecasting, webcasting and spreading anti-Pakistan propaganda, fake news and malicious views through Pakistani Aaj News TV and Pakistani Express News TV without the authorization of PEMRA.

In its 2 Prohibition Orders/letters, dated 18 May 2018, PEMRA has legally prohibited the Aaj News TV CEO from broadcasting or re-broadcasting the VOA Urdu View 360 and the BBC Urdu Sairbeen, 2 TV programs; and it has also officially prohibited the Express News TV CEO from broadcasting or re-broadcasting the DW Urdu DW Sawal TV show in Pakistan under the PEMRA Ordinance 2002 and the PEMRA (Amendment) Act 2007.

Pakistani Police, FIA, NAB, military police, or other law-enforcement agencies of Pakistan could arrest and prosecute Recorder Television Network (Aaj News TV) CEO/Managing Director Ahmad Zuberi, Associate Director HR & Admin. Mahboob Ahmed, News Director Rashid Mehmood, Manager HR Haider Khan, other traitors in Aaj TV; and Television Media Network (Express News TV, Express Media Group, Century Publications – Lakson Group) CEO/Chairman Iqbal Ali Lakhani, Editor-in-Chief Sultan Ali Lakhani, Sponsor Amin Mohammed Lakhani, Publisher Bilal Lakhani, Executive Director Babar Ali Lakhani, Director Danish Ali Lakhani, Managing Director Zulfiqar Ali Lakhani and other traitors in Express News TV for unlawfully telecasting or re-telecasting, webcasting and disseminating the anti-Pakistan propaganda of 3 foreign governments’ TV shows – US Govt VOA Urdu View 360, UK Govt BBC Urdu Sairbeen in Aaj News TV, and Germany Govt DW Urdu DW Sawal in Express News TV.

Aaj TV and Express TV have reportedly received billions of rupees (media bribes/press rishwat) from 3 governments of the USA, UK and Germany for broadcasting, webcasting and propagating the anti-Pakistan propaganda of 3 foreign governments’ TV programs – VOA View 360 & BBC Sairbeen (Aaj TV), DW Sawal (Express TV) – in Pakistan.

Arrest and prosecution of all guilty executives, officials and press-media personnel of Aaj News TV and Express News TV for High Treason can be processed under the PEMRA laws, Articles 5 & 6 of the Constitution of Pakistan 1973, High Treason (Punishment) Act 1973, and other relevant laws of Pakistan.

PEMRA - Pakistani AAJ TV - VOA - BBC

PEMRA - Pakistani Express TV - DW

In their May 2018 Tweeter messages to PEMRA officials, some Pakistanis wrote:

1. Sohail Gem Wazir (@SohailGem) wrote: “Please stop @voadeewa @VOAPashto @bbcpashto. They are preparing ground for another Bangladesh [in Pakistan]. They are dividing Pakistanis on different grounds. They are putting wrong and biased news on their channels. Please #StopVOADeewa #BanDeewaRadio #BanVOA, #BanMashaalRadio.”

2. Ali Awan (@AliAwan2017) wrote: “Very good step. Please also ban VOA, BBC, DW, AL-ARABIYA Facebook and Twitter Urdu pages [in Pakistan].”

3. Hussain (@hussainturi) wrote: “There are many FM radio channels also in Pakistan airing foreign news, BBC, VOA, etc. Is there any action planned against those FM radios?”

4. Danish Ahsan (@DanishAhsan18) wrote: “That is a really great news. Happy to have seen this. Congratulations to all those who took this decision. It seems Pakistan is finally fighting back in 5th Gen [information] warfare.”

5. Shah Wazir (@WazirrShah) wrote: “PEMRA has ordered to stop airing Propaganda and Fake News shows produced by VOA & BBC [and DW]. We request @reportpemra to stop airing of RADIO @voadeewa @bbcpashto @BBCUrdu and @VOAPashto in Pakistan. They are manipulating and dividing Pakistanis by spreading Fake News and Propaganda.”


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[Mr. Syed Adeeb – is America’s investigative journalist, Chief Editor of the Information Media Group (IMG) – ( – – – Director of the Human Rights Justice Forum (HRJF) – and Coordinator of the Journalists Scholars Forum (JSF) – based in Virginia, USA. – Friday, 18 May 2018]

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