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Mian Wasim Launches Pakistani American Group (PAG)


( – Mian Wasim, a humanitarian businessman, has formed the Pakistani American Group (PAG). He registered the PAG with Virginia’s Fairfax County Government on 23 May 2014 and launched it today. Mr. Wasim will serve as the PAG CEO to implement many special projects for the welfare of the Pakistani-American Community in the USA.

Mian Wasim

Mian Wasim

Mian Wasim recently told the Adeeb Media that the PAG mission, objectives, activities, programs and projects are based on the following guidelines:

PAG Mission:

1. Inform, educate, entertain, develop and empower Pakistani-American students, youth and kids (the young people) in Virginia, Maryland and Washington DC, USA.

2. Provide information, education, counseling, scholarship, IT, employment, internship, entertainment, travel, sports, camping, recreation, health, family, economic, social, advocacy and other services to Pakistani-American students, youth and kids.

3. Teach educational courses, subjects (including computer, software, IT, press-media-TV journalism, marketing, government, human-rights, law, Urdu-language); job skills (including how to network and get a job, internship, or scholarship); and small business management (including how to start a business & become an employer), etc., in public libraries, business offices, social welfare institutions, mosques and community centers of Virginia, Maryland and Washington DC, USA.

4. Launch a project to keep students, youth and kids away from drugs, bullying/violence, crimes, fornication, pornography and all other evils through real Islam and other religious, moral, or ethical philosophies, ideologies, or doctrines.

5. Support, educate, train and guide certain Pakistani-American students, who have earned their Associate or Bachelor’s degree from an American college or university, to participate in American politics, become emerging political leaders and contest elections for public offices at city/county, state, or federal levels of the American political system.

6. Arrange travels, tours, music, entertainment, gardening, sports, camping, recreation, exercise, yoga and health-care activities/programs for the young people to improve their mind, body and soul.

7. Celebrate almost all Pakistani, American and UN Special Days – including 1 January (New Year’s Day), 3rd Monday in January (Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day), 5 February (Kashmir Solidarity Day), 8 March (International Women’s Day), 23 March (Pakistan Resolution Day), 3 May (World Press Freedom Day), 4 July (America’s Independence Day), 14 August (Pakistan Independence Day), 1st Monday of September (Labor Day), 6 September (Pakistan Defense Day – Army, Air Force, Navy), 9 November (Muhammad Iqbal Day), 20 November (Universal Children’s Day), 10 December (United Nations Human Rights Justice Day), 25 December (Mohammad Ali Jinnah Day), Eid Days (Fitr & Azha), and Prophet Muhammad Day (Eid-e-Milad-un-Nabi), etc.

8. A YMCA “Opportunities for All” message states: “The Y is for everyone. Our programs, services and initiatives enable kids to realize their potential; prepare teens for college; offer ways for families to have fun together; empower people to be healthier in spirit, mind and body; prepare people for employment; welcome and embrace newcomers; and help foster a nationwide service ethic. And that’s just the beginning.” – YMCA Website: – Indeed, Mian Wasim and his friends/associates have joined hands and are now working together to transform the PAG into an organization similar to the YMCA of America.

PAG Executive Council Member:

Mian Wasim – PAG Founder/CEO

PAG Community Council – 15 Members:

Akram Butt, Atif Raja, Aurangzeb Khan, Faisal Qazi, Farhan Nasir, Jameel Bhatti, Moazzam Aftab, Mudasar Jutt, Muhammad Khan, Rahat Mushtaq, Saber Khan, Sajid Shah, Wasim Raza, Yousuf Choudhry and Zarif Khan.

PAG Media/Advisory Council – 3 Members:

Syed Adeeb, Asim Siddiqui and Khurram Shahzad.

NOTE – LEGAL DISCLAIMER: The Pakistani American Group (PAG) is an independent, non-political, non-partisan, non-religious, non-sectarian, informational, educational, scholastic, academic, recreational, entertainment, multicultural and community discussion forum based in Alexandria, Virginia, USA. The PAG is NOT associated with any domestic or foreign principal, individual/person, group, entity, partnership, association, corporation, organization, business, religious sect/cult, agent, agency, politician, political party, consulate, embassy, army/military, or government in any way.

For more information about the Pakistani American Group (PAG), contact: Mian Wasim – Telephone: 202-213-9447. E-Mail: – Facebook: – PAG Facebook Forum: –

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